Contract Employment



We offer an alternative to corporate layoffs- We will convert your employee to become one of our consulting contractors. We will then place him back within your facility as a contractor and we will be responsible for all aspects of his work, benefits, payment and HR issues.

This allows the former employee to continue to perform the job but relieves the employer from the requirements of having a full time employee and allows the individual to continue to have a steady stream of income. Sometimes it just means  a change in status as an employee to a contractor.

This could mean working at the same company, sitting in the same chair, and performing the exact same work that the individual was doing as an employee. Times have changed.

Do you know that FEDEX Ground delivery drivers are all contract drivers?

Many aerospace companies use contractors for project type work.

The construction industry uses many sub contractors as does the maintenance and cleaning services industry.

We can develop a program were as we move your current employees to a contractor based platform rather than having to layoff those employees.

We manage the whole process and we make sure that we have a great team of contractors for your next project- Contractors that already know your business and process because they were your former employees.

Unfortunately the times where we all worked for the same company for 40 years is over.

The government is adding more and more expense and regulation and many companies are going to a contractor based model as the expense of having a full time employee has skyrocketed. This process is not something company’s want to do but from a financial point have to do to maintain their business finances.

In Brevard county Florida the county’s health insurance plan,  works out at $13,000 per year per employee.

We will look at each situation carefully as we want to make sure we adhere to all employment regulations.